Since it’s so easy to be wrong, we challenge you to do your best to find errors in the Tauquernion paper.

We will reward your findings this way:

First prize – A major error that invalidates our work.



Highland Park,

Cask Strength

Rare Auld

1967 – 38 years old

( or similar)




Second prize – Errors that cause us to rewrite parts of our research, but does not invalidate it.





12 bottles of

Sharps Special Ale

(or similar)




Third prize – Small errors, having character of our being a little too hasty (or asleep).



Thank You Star Cookie

(or similar)







If you prefer a non-alcoholic prize, we are happy to accommodate you.

Answers must not exceed 1000 words (enforced), and be of a scientific nature. Arguments from authority will be discarded unread. We will request clarification if/when necessary. We are the lawyers, judge, and jury in all matters here!


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